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Relaxation & Wellbeing

Relax the mind, soothe the spirit and refresh the body with one of our blissful massages.

Bespoke massage Hotel can Garay

Treat yourself to one of our heavenly treatments, designed to satisfy the senses and ease aching muscles, to complete your sense of wellbeing during your stay.
Relaxing Massage

The ultimate soothing massage for a great night’s sleep. Carefully applied pressure to head, face

and back relieves tension and the essential oils will induce calm and a blissful state of relaxation.

Therapeutic Massage

Deep tissue massage to relieve tension and soothe aching muscles, restoring the balance of body and mind.

Metamorphic Massage

Gentle, relaxing massage of the feet, hands and head releasing physical and emotional tension and blocked energy patterns

Sports massage

This deep tissue massage is ideal for muscle strain and fatigue and promoting recovery. It is a combination of applying pressure on and stretching tense muscles, stimulating blood circulation and increasing flexibility

Bespoke massage

Bespoke and unique massages tailored to suit your individual needs. 30 or 60 minutes


For an integral wellbeing experience, try our Relax and Nature Break